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ways of building Backlinks

Three ways of building Backlinks for your website

Quality backlinks are still one of the main ways to increase the overall keyword ranking for your website. The biggest problem that we hear about though is that website owners don’t know how to (or where to) get started. We’ve explained the basics of back-linking, but now it’s time to start putting those practices to use. Here are three ways of building Backlinks that we recommend for business to get started. 

Write articles for others in relevant niches 

This one is probably one of the most obvious and effective ways that you can use to start building backlinks. There are probably hundreds of websites out there that are relevant to your websites topic that would love extra content. A majority of website owners will have no problem with providing you with a backlink to your website. It’s a time-consuming process but can also be one of the best ways to get backlinks from high authority websites. If the content is good enough, then you may even get some social media attention from them. 

Provide expert advice to others by using your content 

There are hundreds of message boards and forums out there that have hundreds of daily users active all day. Find some message boards or forums that are related to your niche and start providing quality content. These kinds of websites usually have large amounts of active users online at all hours of the day. That means that there is usually a large amount of updated content available in short amounts of time. Spend some time and build up a positive reputation on the website by providing quality content. If your website provides relevant information to a user’s question, then use that opportunity to gain another backlink. Don’t spam your link, because that will most likely result in your responses being deleted. Be sure to read the websites rules to make sure that you’re not breaking any user agreement rules. Most websites don’t mind an occasional link though (as long as its relevant).

Submit to a large amount of relevant web directories 

There is a huge amount of web directories available online, however it’s important that you select the ones that are relevant to your niche. If you’re unfamiliar with web directories, then see them as collections of links for specific topics or niches. The difference between web directories and search engines is that they have been put together by humans. They’re catalogs of websites that can provide backlinks and small amounts of traffic (that can add up to larger numbers). It takes time to submit to individual web directories and all submissions are manually approved (adding to the time to see results), but the overall benefits are worth it.  

It takes times but give these basic techniques a test run. Also be sure to check your backlinks before you get started, so that you can track your improvements over time. With time you will find out what works best for you and come up with even better ways of building up your backlinking strategies.  

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