How to find backlink opportunities in 2021

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How to find backlink opportunities in 2021

06/19/2021 12:00 AM by Admin in Seo

Quality backlinks are still one of the best ways to increase the search engine keyword rankings for your website. The biggest problem that we hear about is that website owners don’t know how to (or where to) get started (if you're unsure about your current backlinks, then start with our Backlink Analysis Tool). You probably already know what SEO stands for, but now it’s time to start putting those practices to use. Here are some of the best ways of building backlinks that we recommend for businesses to get started. 

The importance of networking for backlinks and posting your content
This one is probably one of the most obvious and effective ways that you can use to start building backlinks. There are most likely hundreds of websites out there that are relevant to your websites topic that would love extra content. A majority of website owners will have no problem with providing you with a backlink to your website. It’s a time-consuming process but can also be one of the best ways to get backlinks from high authority websites. If the content is good enough, then you may even get some social media attention from them. 

If you’re unsure on who to contact, then google is your best friend. It’s really as simple as doing a search for the keyword relevant to your content and then see who ranks in the top 50 results. If you need some help with coming up with the right (or new) keywords, then give our Keyword suggestion tool a try. That should give you a decent list of keywords and a good baseline of different websites to potentially contact.

Most sites will have some form of e-mail listed on their website, so that will be your best first point of contact. Be sure to customize each email instead of sending a generic template, so that you have less of a chance of being considered spam.


'How To' Articles usually lead to being the featured search result
There are hundreds of message boards and forums out there that have tons of daily users active all day. Find some message boards or forums that are related to your niche and start providing quality content. These kinds of websites usually have large amounts of active users online at all hours of the day. That means that there is usually a large amount of updated content available in short amounts of time. Spend some time and build up a positive reputation on the website by providing quality content. If your website provides relevant information to a user’s question, then use that opportunity to gain another backlink. Don’t spam your link, because that will most likely result in your responses being deleted. Be sure to read the websites rules to make sure that you’re not breaking any user agreement rules. Most websites don’t mind an occasional link though (as long as its relevant).

Increase your backlink profile 
There is a huge amount of web directories available online, however it’s important that you select the ones that are relevant to your niche. If you’re unfamiliar with web directories, then see them as collections of links for specific topics or niches. The difference between web directories and search engines is that they have been put together by humans. They’re catalogs of websites that can provide backlinks and small amounts of traffic (that can add up to larger numbers). It takes time to submit to individual web directories and all submissions are manually approved (adding to the time to see results), but the overall benefits are worth it. 

Free traffic sources from fixing broken links
If you’re the owner of a website for a long time, then sooner or later your site will have some broken links on it. It’s not the end of the world and it happens to the majority of websites. The good thing about that is that its a potential inbound link opportunity for you. If you have content available that could be a great fit, then it’s worth it to reach out to the website owner to let them know about the issue.

Usually it doesn’t take a lot of convincing to get a backlink, because you’re doing all the work for the other website owner. Not only have you alerted them of the issue, but you’ve also provided great material to fix the problem.This type of blogger outreach actually has a fairly high conversion rate when compared to other techniques.

It’s a very powerful way of building backlinks, especially if you combine it with our Broken Links Finder tool. Easily identify sites that have broken links on them and start building up a list of new blog / website owners to contact. Just look for 404 errors and the source of it and you have the perfect first page owner to reach out to.

Create content that converts into social media shares and backlinks.

If you’re creative and enjoy graphic design work, then you may want to consider creating some shareable content like infographics. Often these kind of graphics create a high rate of social media engagements and can turn into long term traffic without a lot of work (curious about how much social media traffic has increased over years? - check out this study about social media evolution from Maryville EDU). Make sure that you add a watermark or other link to your content, so that users are always referred back to you no matter who shares the content.

Provide a unique study or statistic to become a source to share

If you're an expert in a specific kind of field, then use that knowledge to your advantage. If you can provide a unique study or statistic about a particular topic that is related to your content, then you can use that to become a source of information for other website authors. Infographics are always a great solution for creating content that can easily be shared and provide a great way for your backlinks to start going viral. If your content attracts enough attention, then it might even turn into some guest post requests from other authors.

Know your current inbound backlinks
It takes times but give these backlink techniques a test run. Be sure to check your backlinks with our Backlink Analysis tool before you get started, so that you can track your improvements over time. It can take weeks for search engines to pick up on new keywords for your website. Be patient but consistently track any changes so that you know what works for your website. With time you will find out what works best for you and come up with even better ways of building up your backlinking strategies.