There is usually a common concern that we hear about for from businesses that are new to email marketing. It usually comes down to low email conversions or response rates. Your business might be giving out great content, inciting email designs and even product/service specials, but is that enough? Are you sure that your users are enjoying the emails? Most businesses are unsure on what to look for and how to optimize their email campaigns. Knowing some of the most common email marketing terms can help optimize your marketing campaign.

We’ve previously talked about why website analytics are important and the same rules apply to email marketing. Tracking email analytics is an important part of email marketing. These are the numbers that will provide the information you need to optimize sales conversions.

Open Rates and Click-Through Rates (CTR)

‘Open rates’ and ‘click through rates’ are terms that are often used when it comes to email marketing. They may sound complicated, but they really aren’t. The open rate provides you with the number of people that have opened your email. That means if you send an email to 100 people and 10 people open your email, then you have a 10% open rate. The click-through rate is the number of people that clicked on your link (or offer). Using the previous example: If you send 100 emails and 1 person clicks your link, then you have a click through rate of 1%.

Studies have shown that the average email open rate in 2018 was 24.88%. Even better, that number seems to increase with every following year! That means even-though email marketing is one of the cheapest options for digital marketing, it is still one of the best methods available.

Email Delivery Rate

Email delivery rate is another common phrase that is associated with email marketing. It’s the number that determines how many of your emails were actually delivered to users inboxes. There are a lot of factors that could impact this number negatively. Spam filters, deleted email addresses or using the wrong configuration for your campaign are just some examples. The average for email marketing is that one out of four emails will never reach a users inbox.

The email delivery rate is a main statistics that you want to use for campaign optimization. Most email marketing tools charge on a per user base (usually based on bulk numbers). Having access to this number can mean that you’re not wasting your marketing budget.

Read or open length

The “read or open” length can also be a helpful tool when determining if your users enjoy the content / offers that you’re sending. The overall time gives you an idea of how long users keep your email open before they decide to close it. If this number is fairly high, then you know that your users are enjoying the content. If it is low, then you know that it might be time to switch up your current email marketing strategy

Is there anything else to look out for?

Sure there is, but these are just some of the common email marketing terms that you will encounter when getting started. There is a lot more to consider when working on optimizing your email marketing strategy, but this should give you a solid foundation of what to look for. Keep vising us for more information on how to improve your email campaigns in the future.