Facebook is an amazing tool for connecting with customers and engaging with them on a new level. The tricky part is, the formula of how to actually make this connection can be a little murky. There are 1.59 billion people on average that log onto Facebook every single day. That is a lot of potential leads. But with so much activity, how do you keep your posts from getting lost in the crowd? Social media marketers have been attempting to answer this very question for years. And even though there have been a number of studies by various sources, the experts have come to a rather annoying conclusion.

“It depends.” 

I know, right? 
So far, there is no magic number of posts that’s going to launch your Facebook page into instantaneous fandom. It depends on who your audience is and how they interact online. There are plenty of best practices you can take into consideration that will not only help you grow your following but improve how they engage with your business. 

Know Your Audience

Social media is all about engaging content. When it comes to picking your content, make sure you know who you are talking to. Knowing who your customers are makes a big difference when it comes to curating content for your page. Make sure the content you’re sharing to your timeline is relevant to your brand and timely. Your content should be filling a need, answering a question, or just interesting to know. Look at who your customers are and the needs that they have and bridge that gap with your product or service.

Be Consistent 

As with any good social media strategy, you’re going to need a plan. Decide how often you’re going to post and stick to it. Some studies say that the amount you should post per day is directly related to the amount of followers you have. Hubspot recently did a study. They found that pages with under 10,000 followers experienced up to a 50% drop in engagement per post if they posted more than once per day. You still want to make sure you are posting often enough to remain relevant to your followers. Most studies agree that a good guideline to follow while working out what works better for your brand is at most once per day and, at least 3 times per week. 

At most, once per day & at least 3 times per week. 

Quality Over Quantity

Over the years, Facebook has made a lot of updates to their policies. The quality of your content is viewed much higher value than the amount of content. Putting out a ton of posts isn’t doing you any good if nobody is clicking on them. Users interact with posts that are relevant to their interests or needs and the more users interact with your posts the greater the reach they’re going to have on Facebook. The algorithm will show spammy, click-bait posts way less often than unique and engaging posts. Quality over quantity every time. 

The key to a good Facebook posting strategy is to avoid overwhelming your followers with content, and be selective about what you’re publishing. Take the time to plan out better posts that matter to your customers rather than a lot of posts just to fill the page. Facebook will prioritize your posts and your followers will stick around longer.