This is probably the most common questions when it comes to Twitter marketing. There are countless articles out there that will all give different information about best practices when posting on twitter. Unfortunately there just isn’t a basic rule that will work for everybody. You can still try to follow best practices and optimize the amount of post depending on your audience. In the end you will know your audience best and can decide how many twitter post you need each day.

How long does a Twitter post last?

Wiselycs analyzed over one million tweets in their study about the half-life of a tweet, showing that a tweets highest potential to reach viewers is within 3 hours. The study determined that the average half-life of a tweet is 24 minutes, making it almost 4 times shorter compared to the 90 minute half-life of a Facebook post. Fortunately that means that you can post tweets and new content a lot more often. Some recommend that you post up to twenty times per day on Twitter. The absolute minimum should be 3 daily post though. After all, each new tweet is an opportunity to engage with your followers and increase your websites reach

how long does a twitter post last

Quality over quantity is the key

Remember that all of your content should be tailored to the audience that you’re trying to reach on that specific social media platform. If you notice that you’re having a hard time posting 20 times a day, then don’t let your content quality suffer just to meet those numbers. Your main focus should always be to post high quality content that makes your followers want more. Set social media goals for yourself and try to optimize how often you post on twitter around those. It will be a lot easier to determine how many post you need, once you start seeing some initial results. Also don’t forget that you can post a variety of things to keep your Twitter feed fresh. Try including things like meme’s, jokes, news articles to engage your users in discussions. If you keep it interesting, then it will be no time before you start seeing retweets of your content.

The right time to post on Twitter

The general rule is that tweets in the morning and at night have the highest engagement rates. It’s simply the part of the day when users have the most time to browse social media and find your post. It’s important to know though that the behavior patterns of users are different depending on day and night. A buffer study shows that Tweets in the morning have a higher click through rate, while tweets at night have more retweets. That means that you will want to try to schedule your post around the audience that you’re trying to target. When scheduling your post try to consider things like time-zones and holidays to get the most out of your twitter post.

You know your audience best

In the end there are no short cuts when determining how many times you should post on twitter. We’ve given you the general guidelines, but the actual number will depend on how often you can provide quality content. Luckily Twitter provides a large amount of opportunities to interact with your followers. Keep your users in mind, post regularly on Twitter and you will find the right amount of post for your audience.