It happens regularly that we talk to people about their website and the marketing research process. We have to explain that each website really has its own approach at search engine optimization. Your website is unique, so should be your approach to marketing when you launch digital marketing campaigns. New people that are learning SEO often try to self-optimize their site and unfortunately introduce some common mistakes. It’s ok, it happens. It’s something that should be addressed though, because it can hurt website ranking and traffic in the long run. In this article we’re going to talk about the Top Five Common SEO Mistakes that we encounter. 

Duplicate content or low-quality content  

Making sure that you’re posting high quality content that is unique to your website is probably one of the most important rules when it comes to improving SEO. Plagiarized content will get your website penalized by search engines and can result in lower keyword rankings. You want to make sure that you provide your visitors with high quality content relevant to your niche. That will make search engines identify you has a website with authority for that topic. Quality content will also lead to higher user engagement, lower bounce rates and increased return rates. 

Bad titles for that content 

Titles are one of the first things that are indexed about your website. Search engines will scan your website, review the title and make sure that the content is relevant to that same topic. If it is and everything passes, then the search engine will start to assign a ranking. Be sure to place your main keywords into the title, since search engines will take that as one of the first indicators of how to categorize and rank your content.  

Bad internal page links 

Improving the internal links of your website is a process that should be reviewed on a regular basis. Increasing the number of relevant internal links can not only increase your user experience, but will also help with guiding search engines around your page. Interlinking shows that you’re covering a topic (or search term) on a larger scale and most provide content that supports and improves the relevancy of the topic.  If you want to learn more about back links and internal links then check out The Basics Of Backlinking

Keyword Selection 

This is probably one of the most common problems out of the Top Five Common SEO Mistakes that we see. A lot of people that are new to keyword research will limit their potential audience, because they’re limiting their marketing research process without realizing it. Its a common issue. They simply don’t think of wording the search terms like a real visitor would. Often this leads to missed opportunities and potential leads just because the keywords weren’t formatted right. Try to expand your keyword search and reword some of your keywords as questions or sentences. Make it sound like a real live search that is done by a user. A an example: Instead of using ‘digital marketing’ look for ‘what is digital marketing’. 


This is one of the toughest to overcome when launch digital marketing campaigns. It’s importance to remember that website optimization is a long-term project though. If you’re curious on how long exactly it takes for a website to rank, then check out this study. Posting unique content on a regular schedule is important and is something that can make or break a website. The more your website grows, the more optimization it will need in the long run. It’s also important to remember that some of it will just take time and that it might be out of your control. You can’t really control how fast search engines and other websites pick up on your content, so just give it some time and continue to review your content that is available already.